SD Livin: Take One

"Standard Definition Livin" is a new blog-like series which will keep you updated throughout our filming season. As you probably noticed, we have turned our full-movie production towards standard definition cameras like VX1000 and VX2100. Not because it is trendy or anything, just ´cause we like it that way. Hate it or love it, we gonna continue like this until we fuck up all of our 90´s filming equipment.

December was not a good month for snow in the cities but we still had the chance to score some footy up in the polish towns of Szczyrk and Krynica.

January is a whole another story though. With temperatures well below -20 °C and snow in the cities,  filming for the new projects Trill 2k17 and KillDeath Promo is in full swing. Our crews are currently situated (and separated) in Liberec (CZ) and at the Czech-Slovak border area. Here is a little gallery of what is going on in the streets... Stay tuned for the next episode of the Standard Definition Livin series.